Urban Art Bikes on Glass Street

1015873_10151499979201366_1638097419_oArt 120 had the privilege of conducting two art bike workshops on Glass Street as part of the Glass House Collective's Summer Workshop Series. Houston art bike artist and teacher, Natali Leduc, taught students how to take a three dimensional concept and turn it into a fully functional kinetic sculpture in one week. Students learned how to present a concept in front of their peers, safely use power tools, measure and cut steel beams, and experienced welding with a trained professional.

The first week involved a group of five professional artists and young adults who learned how to weld. Using scrap metal and recycled parts, this group created a double bike with a ski system in tow. Adults who completed week one were able to mentor in the youth program the following week.

1069983_568033826569103_1996341512_nWeek two proved to be the most exciting. Eleven youth ages 10-15 years arrived on Day 1. Many of our students thought they were just going to paint a bike. Once students learned about power tool and shop safety, they quickly realized they were going to be rebuilding from scrap parts and materials to make something completely new. By noon students had seen other examples and began drawing out their own concepts. Several great ideas came to the forefront and by the time each one was presented, three strong teams emerged, determined to get their art bikes completed in time.

1026034_10151499983216366_1876211907_oBy Saturday, the students were ready share their amazing creations with the public at the big reveal in Coolidge Park. Outdoor Chattanooga provided the perfect reception area. Following a recognition ceremony and lunch, it was time. Hundreds in the park stopped to see these works of art make their way across the North Shore landscape. People applauded and even giggled at the site of these unique creations. Click here to see video from our kids' debut.

Since the big reveal in the park, the Glass House kids' work has been featured in three news segments and will be in a special parade at Riverfront Nights, Saturday August 17th. Please come out and congratulate our kids on their upcoming venture to show their bikes at the Mini Maker Faire in Atlanta October 26th.

Atlanta_MMF_logos_GooglePlus1-300x282Held on the campus of Georgia Tech, this all day event is a wonderful opportunity to recognize our kids for their achievement and introduce them to opportunities they would not necessarily be exposed to. We want to make sure our students have the best experience possible when they are represented in front of Maker Faire's

7500 expected guests.

Contact katewarren@art120.org and learn how you can help make a difference today.

Art 120 would like to thank its volunteers, donors, and our partnership with Glass House Collective that helped us make this program a success.