Stage Genies at Picnic in the Passageways!

Fri, May 19, 201711:30 AM - 1:30 PM

Come be serenaded by Dan Mailman, the Studio MindStride Stage Genies extraordinaire at Picnic in the Passageways on May 19, 2017! Find out more about our collaborative Passageways project with Stage Genies, where we partnered with the Stargaze installation, River City Company, the HIVE, Gigabit Mozilla Learning, and the Mozilla Foundation to bring musical computer programming opportunities to students in Chattanooga, TN. Special thanks to our partners and volunteers who help make this artistic endeavor successful! If you'd like to take a class with or teach tech with Dan, please email!

P.S. Here's a helpful map of the Passageways exhibits (#4 is especially great)!