Last year, artists from across the country came together to reach Hamilton County Elementary schools without art programs. With community support, we inspired over 2,000 children to imagine, create, and make. This year, our goal is to reach over 3,000 children in seven schools. You can help us reach this goal. Every tax deductible contribution of $5 covers the cost of a child for this amazing, interactive in-school experience.

How to Vote for Your School... 

1. Make a donation by selecting an option below. 

2. Enter the name of a Chattanooga school you  
are voting for in the donation description window.

Every $5 donation = 1 vote. (Ex: $25 donation = 5 votes). Both
public and private schools residing in Hamilton County are eligible.

3. Stay tuned on our Facebook and Twitter 
feeds for weekly updates during the campaign.

We will post weekly updates and announce the winning schools 
on Thursday, April 12th!

Share and encourage others to vote for your school. Even your PTA!
The more votes you get, the more chances your school will be selected. 

Be Sure to Write Your School's Name in the 
Donation Description Window so we can count your votes!

Art 120 is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization and all donations are tax exempt.

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Why is this page so awesome? Because YOU ARE AWESOME! Your tax deductible gifts bring art into Hamilton County schools, teach STEM skills to youth, and provides an annual free art event that: celebrates our city, brings our community together, encourages teamwork, and showcases student work from around the region.