Last year, artists from across the country came together to reach Hamilton County Elementary schools without art programs. With community support, we inspired over 2,000 children to imagine, create, and make. Several schools participated in the Scenic City Art Car Creation contest with Alpine Crest students winning the Golden Gnome award and a signed copy of "Arthur Zarr's Amazing Art Car" by Cathey Graham Nickell. Special thanks to our friends at Rock City for partnering with us to provide this awesome awardphoto: Alpine Crest principal, Teresa Rollins (on left), accepting the Golden Gnome Award for their students' art car entries.

This year, our goal is to reach over 3,000 children in seven schools. It costs $2,000 to bring two artists in for this amazing art experience for a local school on April 27th PLUS a free public art event for everyone on April 28th. You can help us reach our goal of raising $14,000 to reach seven schools and bring fourteen professional artists in from around the country for the Scenic City Art Car Weekend. Every tax deductible contribution of $5 covers gets one child closer to receiving this amazing, interactive in-school experience.

How to Get Involved... 

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There are many cool incentives for donors from totes and t-shirts, to Art Car Rides. It's super fun to do something awesome!

2. Bonus time: If you enter the name of a local school, in your donation description, they will be included in a special drawing to receive an ArtCarAVan experience. 
Every $5 donation = 1 entry. (Ex: $25 donation = 5 entries). Both
public and private schools residing in Hamilton County are eligible.

DOUBLE BONUS: If you make a donation of $25 or $75, you will get a really cool embroidered t-shirt. Just include your shirt size you next to the school name in the description.  

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We will post weekly updates and announce the winning school
on Thursday, April 12th!

Share and encourage others to vote for your school. Even your PTA! 
The more votes you get, the more chances your school will be selected for this special in-school field trip. 

Special Bonus for schools that commit now!       

    Any local schools that fund the ArtCarAVan for their school by March 23rd will have their funds matched so a school without an art program will also receive a visit. 


Be Sure to Write Your School's Name in the 
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Art 120 is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization and all donations are tax exempt.

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